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Monday, August 31, 2015

After listening to my boys beg relentlessly for days about wanting to begin homeschooling early, this morning I caved. Yesterday was rainy all day, and the rest of this week isn't looking any better. Perfect for sitting inside with a nice cup of coffee!

Before I get into the whole 'homeschooling' thing, I want to show you my classroom. It's not totally finished yet, but I love what's going on in there already!
This picture illustrates perfectly what I was dealing with in this room.  The walls were apparently not treated properly between the brown and blue paint, so the blue was literally just peeling off the wall. You could walk past, and your shirt sleeve would remove a whole strip! 

I'll have to get other pictures from off my phone of the rest of the walls now, but the bottoms are a nice, crisp board and batten, and the tops are a nice soothing light teal. MUCH better!

I wanted shelves in this room because I knew there would be a lot of books/art supplies/ and 'things' involved. There is a stairway that goes under this room. In order to have head room for the stairs, there is a piece that juts into this room. I doubled the size of that, and framed in a wall. Now I had somewhere to build shelves, PLUS, I had somewhere to build in a giant bulletin board on the side facing the desk!

These shelves are wide and deep enough to fit a large rubbermade container, so we have room to put our 'off season' clothes. Plus, each boy (and our class pet, Hammy) have their own shelf to keep their supplies on.

Each boy has his own basket, too. In their basket are their work books, and a little container for their scissors, pencils, glue, erasers... you name it. Lots of room to add other things as we go, but for now I just want to keep it simple!

Let me know what you think!

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