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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A 'girly' project

I'm so excited! Well, a little heart broken that I didn't win this give away at cozy.cottage.cute. No big deal, though, she's inspired me enough to go out and buy my OWN hole punch! So there! So, I drove to Michaels and picked up this adorable Martha Stewart heart punch. Anyways, amidst all the painting and cleaning I've been doing, I decided I needed to try out the hole punch project, and, I've got to say (even though mine is only a 4x6 and I couldn't fit as many hearts and...) I LOVE it!

A close up of my cute little hearts...
Cute for a $1.00 Value Village frame!
And... on my shelf.
Oh, and how do you like my new wall color? Got rid of all the beige... finally! Creamy yellow now, and it looks SO much better!

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