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Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Been 5 Months?

I can't believe it's been 5 months since my last post! Anyways, a lot has happened in those 5 months. We sold our townhouse and bought a 'real' house.
We're SUPER excited to have our own 'real' house, but this one does need quite a bit of work. It's live-able how it is, but we love getting our hands dirty and fixing things up.
This is the front of our new home...

... and this is the back.

It's SO nice to have a yard to mow and room for the kids to play. We plan to paint the exterior this summer... so no more pink!

Want to come on a quick tour of the rest of our house?

Here's my wonderful father in law putting together our bed. This
is the master bedroom.

This is Tyler's room. It's a bit of a weird shape because it has
to accommodate the stairs, but it works great for him!
This is the main bathroom. And yes, there's
a toilet... it's behind that wall you see on the
left at the back of the tub.

This is the living room before. It was a really strange
yellow that looked HORRIBLE with the floors.
There's also a great fireplace in this room, and the wall
behind that was a weird brown. 

This is the living room after. Not a great picture, but you get the general
idea. We painted (and by we, I actually mean my dear hubby helped me...)
it a nice light, airy grey. It looks AWESOME with the hardwood.

This is James' room before. There were TONNES of holes in the walls, so
they all got filled.

James even got to help me paint! I'm so jealous of his room. He has this
GREAT window that looks out over the back yard.

Now his room is a really cheery blue. A perfect 'boys' room!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our new home. Next up is the basement, so stay tuned!

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