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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ready For The Rest Of The Tour?

Hello, again! Welcome to the rest of my home tour! Last week I showed you the outside and upstairs of my house. Today, you'll get to see my basement. Are you ready?

Come on down. Kinda looks like a creepy, damp,
smelly, spider infested dungeon, doesn't it?
I can assure you, it's not. Keep walkin', you're fine!
Aaahhh. See? What did I tell you. This is the bottom of the stairs
looking into the (huge) playroom. Yes, the carpet got
cleaned and looks MUCH better. 

Here's another look. The door at the back is a bathroom.

This is Tyler in the bathroom. The toilet is up those steps.
James thinks this is just great because he says it's like
a king's throne!
So, if you want to turn around and head back towards the stairs,
we'll continue our tour. Through that doorway, please.

This is the room that has become my office. The desk is against
that wall with no drywall on it that plans to get covered in the
next little while. I love that it's right off the play room, because the kids
can still chat with me, but I have my own little space.
On the other side of that unfinished wall is our little 'guest room'

This is one of  the down stairs bedrooms that has become our storage
room. We don't need this bedroom as there are plenty upstairs for us.

Slowly but surely, stuff is getting done around here. My dear hubby just filled in the trench around the back of our house that (we think) the old renters' dog made. Water sits in there, and we're concerned about a leaking foundation. Now the trench is filled, and I'm chewing my fingers, anxiously patiently waiting for some nice weather so I can go plant some stuff along the back of the house. The grass is just starting to pop up on the new dirt, so it's starting to look really nice out there!
Next tour will be of the yard.

Thanks for checking my house out!

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