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Monday, November 12, 2012

Living Room Wall

Remember the middle of this post, where I showed pictures of my living room? Well, I am happy to say that it is the only completely finished room in our house. All the pictures are hung, furniture is where it should be, and the walls are even painted!
Do you need a refresher so you can remember what it looked like before?
The walls were a yellow that clashed with the floor...

And the 'focal wall' looked horrible with the fireplace and the yellow on the other walls.

Are you ready to see it now?
What do you think? Do you love the light grey as much as I do?

This is the picture wall above the love seat. I just LOVE how it turned out.
All these frames were just sitting around my house waiting for spray paint. It honestly took no longer than 5 minutes, and I had all matching frames!

I found this key at a little store in our area quite a few years ago. I LOVED it, but I didn't ever know what to do with it. A little twine, a little frame, and you've got something cute to hang on your wall!

Our family picture, taken by Urban Fig Photography. I love it so much! It's HUGE, and I'm thankful I got it printed so big, because I had a big empty space that needed something. Perfect!

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