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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A lamp project...

Wow! SO much has been going on around here! We took the huge tree out of the front yard, planted a bunch of stuff in the back yard, finished the living room... blah blah blah... but I haven't posted any of it!
The weather's been a bit miserable around here the last couple weeks, with lots of rain. Since my hubby's been on night shift and it gets dark so early, that leaves lots of time for me to 'get my craft on'!

Up first, a lamp that was given to us by my parents. I didn't manage to get a before picture, but just believe me when I say they were horrible. They were a brown that was really bumpy... almost like it was trying to look rusty. There was a plexi glass piece in the middle that was supposed to look like a crackled finish, but the paper that had the 'crackle' on it had come loose from the inside and was all bunched up in the bottom. The shade was a sorry shade of tan/beige/cream. I think I explained it how it was.
Anyways, I've fallen madly in love with burlap lately, and figured it would make a nice touch to my living room. I cut out a piece and went to town on it, sewing it BY HAND to the existing shade. Let me just add a note here to say that sewing through a lampshade is not an easy feat. My fingertips tingled for DAYS! Here's a picture of the shade...

I cut the burlap, and didn't know how I should finish off the end without it looking 'goofy'. I figured adding a button and sewing the edges would give it a little character. I LOVE how it turned out!

Up next is a picture of the base. I simply took it outside, and spray painted it all black. This is only one coat, and it covered awesome. 

I had the berry garland from some candle thing in the old house, and it fit perfectly on the base and added a pop of color. The star garland I found tucked in a box down stairs. Nothing quite like using what you have!

Here's a picture of the completed lamp.

I just love how it is so unique!

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  1. Gorgeous, Carmen! I love the stars and burlap thing you've got going on!